Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Extra Credit Isolation U/Zombie Video Games

This presentation centered mainly around a zombie computer game that students at the speaker's school created. I failed to see the connection to literature but I suppose I did see the connection to vampires.
At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Greenspan talked about how zombies are somewhat of a scapegoat for society. Vampires are also very much a scapegoat. They represent what we fear, very often, the unknown. They always seem to be some sort of sexual representation. Until recently, sexuality wasn't something openly discussed, it was embarrassing and especially taboo for women. Carmilla is a perfect example of this; the hysteric woman was not something understood by male scientists so they turned her into something dangerous fearful. Vampires seem to always be an elusive creature, as well. Meaning that there is something off about them, yet their human companions cannot help but to be drawn to them. We see this in Carmilla, Dracula, and The Vampyre.
I failed to see the importance of the zombie video games. Maybe I'm biased because video games bore me, but all of this interest in zombies just seems weird. Again, maybe this is because I don't like scary things, who knows. That these students would go to such great lengths to simulate real society rather than just live in it seems very off to me. The fact that they identify with the zombie is very disturbing, as well. Zombies eat people. Thus, they should not be something idealized or envied. When you think about it, that someone would identify with a zombie is quite sad. Have they really no faith in our society? I mean, I know there are numerous things to be fixed, but I really don't see how someone could be that discouraged with it.
The students that created it are obviously very smart, it'd be great if they could also put their efforts into something that would help our ACTUAL society.

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