Sunday, November 21, 2010

Final Project Proposal

For my final project I will be choosing Option A: An Extended Literary Analysis Paper. I will continue my discussion on the connection between vampires and and female sexuality but I will incorporate and focus on vampires and femininity, using the Twilight series as an example. There is a lot of discussion on whether or not Twilight is anti-feminist and I found and interesting article that connects gender roles to Twilight and other vampire novels.
I think this will be a very interesting topic to delve deeper into. I've mentioned that I enjoy the Twilight series so I'm excited to explore this facet of them that I've never really thought about.
Also, the whole vampirism as a result of female hysteria idea I talked about in my first essay really resonated with me so getting to take it a step further will prove to be a very interesting process, I think.


  1. I like your topic, it does seem that in the books that we have read that there weren't alot of female vampires. The only females we read about were either children or killed by other vampires first when they couldn't get a fresh kill. Really good topic I am looking forward to reading it.

  2. I think Corie makes a great point about the lack of women--REAL women--vampires throughout the course. I think this might be something to explore. Even in Twilight, the only "womanly" character is Esme, and she is resigned to a very "traditional" role of mother and housewife. Unlike her husband who has a career, Esme is a little two-dimensional, don't you think?

    I posted this on our class facebook page, but have you had an opportunity to read this article?

    I'll be excited to see your reading of Twilight given all the work we've done this semester on the vampire novel and depictions of femininity.